Saturday, July 5, 2008

Random musings of an insomniac- as always of little utility to the lives of others but my own

Random Musing.....1 - 3am, March 2008

how conflicting our desires are, the need to be part of a homogenous group but also to stand out.
Why am i travelling the road less travelled? What is this insane urge that tells me to lengthen my separation and alienation? When will i regain a sense of who am I or am I to wander in life without knowing? The most puzzling thing in life is me, isn't it amazing how narcissistic i am yet base all my aspirations/desires around other people. Who am I? What do I believe? What do I know? What makes me envy the lives of others? Is it because their life appears to be heading in a direction that yours aint or is it because you do not know what your direction is, that whilst other people find purpose, you search for one? The one thing that is right is that i don't know anything.....not yet.

Random Musing......2 - 4am, May 2008

It's those moments that keep you awake till the end of night and as you get older, you wander where those moments went. Nobody understands the discontents of sleep - when your life dissipates into thin air and all you do is sleep to drive away the vacuousness of your life.

Random Musing.....3 -2.30am July 2008

What is this restless thumping...the heaviness that is so beautiful because it is swathed by complex layers yet so acutely painful that every thump is experienced....